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Our Specialization

Cleanrooms of Grade-A, B, C, D and controlled environments in general
(Class-10 to class 100K or ISO-4 to ISO-9)

Bio-tech and Pharma facilities specifically:

  • Production Cleanrooms
  • Microbiology Cleanrooms
  • Sterility rooms
  • Cell culture facilities
  • Bacteriology rooms
  • Virology rooms
  • Mycoplasma rooms
  • Cell bank facilities
  • R& D facilities, pilot plants
  • Small animal testing facilities
  • Large animal testing facilities
  • Identified pathogen free facilities (known as SPF)
  • Eco-toxicology facilities
  • Knowledge parks master planning
  • Bio-containment facilities (BSL2, BSL3, BSL3 Ag, BSL4)
  • Bio-containment facilities certification, testing and validation
  • Injectables, Formulation, Fill finish blocks with RABS
  • Analytical facilities
  • OSD blocks, Oncology facilities
  • Instrumentation Labs
  • Ware House Air-conditioning

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